a vegetarian culinary exploration of Los Angeles

I wanted a place to mostly rave and occasionally rant about the foods I am discovering here. As I haven't found this kind of resource for my local area yet, I decided to create it. Hopefully people will enjoy it and use it. I believe that since vegetarianism is a choice, I'm also entitled to have as much food choice as any omnivore. Maybe that's asking a lot, but it shouldn't be! I believe in good food, and I'm a terrible cook myself, so I'm always looking to eat what people who do love cooking are making. I'm always looking for tips and suggestions! Just because we don't have Cha-ya, Greens, Millenium or the now-defunct Roxanne (all in the SF Bay Area) doesn't mean we have to suffer.
I am a strict vegetarian. No dead backboneless things are in my diet. I will however eat protein that has been extruded from animals, hence dairy. Occasionally with some dishes, I'll take the "don't ask, don't tell" approach (i.e. that tiny amount of fish paste won't kill me, but I don't want to know it's there if it's going to ruin my eating experience), but I'm pretty strict most of the time. I live in Los Angeles, I *spade* it. I am inspired by Jonathan Gold. I have no car, therefore most places I review are within access of MTA.
"fake" meat products, avocado sushi, bitters, butter, chocolate, dining out, edible fungi, edible seaweeds, food science, good pastry, hazelnut milk, lychees, non-alcoholic mixers containing quinine, potatoes, root beer, san pellegrino bitter red, san pelligrino mineral water, sheep's milk cheese, sweet potatoes, tea