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mmmm gingergrass

My pals Diane and Ed selected this hip Eastside new Vietnamese spot for the Caron lab ethnic food night a few weeks ago. Famous for its long lines, dissing celebrity customers and its low cost (which is a relative term.) I wish Paul had gotten to go with me, it was amazing. Lots of vegetarian options in the appetizers and entrees. Surprisingly few among the salads. *Lots* of vegan options, but not if you're allergic to peanuts. I recommend the Bo Bian rolls, the current Noodle Dumpling appetizer special, and the Gingergrass tofu. The current sauteed eggplant (miso glaze) special was good, but not as good as some I've had in Japanese restaurants, and it was overwhelming in flavor as a whole entree (usually it's just an appetizer). The Gingergrass slaw, which comes with many dishes is a little uninspired in my opinion. I mean if you really love napa cabbage without much dressing, by all means, have at it. I haven't tried the pho, but it is served with all the ingredients added in already, unlike the customizable one at Pho Cafe. But it's all about the tofu for me; cubes of deep golden fried tofu on a bed of braised shitake and baby bok choy. Banana spring rolls for dessert, natch. That's my new obsession. I had hoped for some vietnamese pancake but it's not on the menu. In summary, more interesting than Slanted Door in SF.

And remember boys and girls, those incredibly tasty pink chips have shrimp in them. Oh when will someone use artificial shrimp flavor???

2396 Glendale Boulevard near intersection with Silverlake Blvd.

Served by the 92 bus.

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