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an ongoing thread--mock chicken satay

I didn't realize how much I missed mock chicken satay until I finally found it again in LA. I think the ones from Lucky Creation in SF were my first love, after the tasty homemade beef ones my mom used to make. Her satay had the peanuts mixed right into the satay marinade, so there was no need for extra peanut sauce.

So here's a list (that will be continually updated as I gather new entries) of places that serve mock chicken satay on skewers
Busaba Thai Vegetarian Kitchen 7168 Melrose near La Brea (10/11 Melrose lines)
Greenleaves Vegan 1769 Hillhurst at Melbourne (Hollywood Dash)

On the menu, but haven't tried it yet:
Vegan House (just opened!) on Sunset in the same mall as the Sunset Foot Clinic (yes, the one with the happy foot/sad foot sign. If you don't know this sign, then you need to get out of the WestSide more often)
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