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eggplant caponata @ the Kitchen

have I mentioned that I love The Kitchen? open fairly late, has the fabulous occasional crabtastic host Lars and waitress Wonder Brite, and delicious modern Ameri-Cali-Itali-comfort food. Aside from occasionally spotting the local Scientologist B-list actor, I've also run into a Swedish genomics coalescence theorist dining with his Japanese primate evolution biologist spouse. Aside from the tofu saute to which I'm addicted (they must put crack in it) they have now added an eggplant caponata, which was previously only a special back in September. Thick crusty bread piled high with roasted eggplant, tomatoes, kalamata olives, caramelized onions and chunks of fresh mozzarella. It's a huge appetizer, so make it your dinner or share with friends--you get four hefty pieces, usually with a bit of leftover topping. It's greasy, messy and fulfills some great inner need I have for salty-sweet appetizers. It's one of those dishes I might almost want a cigarette after (if only I smoked), it's that *satisfying*.

The Kitchen, corner of Hoover and Fountain Ave, just next to Akbar.
4348 Fountain Ave acessible from the 2, 26 and 175 (see also Agra Cafe directions)
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