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agra cafe

I keep ending up here because it's so close to my apartment and it's sooo good! It's the eastside antedote to Tantra and Electric Lotus, which while OK, are far more about atmosphere than the food. Here you get the most bland abstract paintings ever which look as though they were painted on dumpster-dived chipboard. But decor aside, the service is great, and the vegetarian selection is excellent. I think vegan's might have a bit of a more difficult time here since every other dish has ghee to start with. I think I tried it for the first time one night when I thought I just *needed* Raita. Their raita is good, but lacks cucumber, dill, mint or copious amounts of garlic, all of which may be more of a greek style, but I think are my favorite ingredients in raita. As for the veggie dishes, I recommend anything with paneer (cheese), mushrooms or the dal turka. I typically order everything mild, but I think those who like heat can get sufficient amounts. The veggie samosa is as good as anyone else's, but the onion bhaji is really amazing--just a cloud of deep-fried onion heaven. I also love the mushroom rice--it's biryani style, and the amazing Paswari Naan. It's a "stuffed naan" with a near homogenous mix of coconut, raisins and almonds. By itself, it's intensely sweet but as an accompaniment to any of the dishes, it's divine. The vegetarian dinner for two is a deal, as it comes with appetizers, two entrees, rice and naan, dessert and chai at only $25.95.
An added bonus, it's still relatively unknown and hidden away so there's always tables available. It's usually pretty empty even, but the food is great.

Agra Cafe (tucked in the corner of the minimall! Look for Tang's Donuts on the corner) 4325 Sunset Blvd, (323) 665-7818
Take the 2 bus and get off at Bates or Fountain; from the 4, get off at Sunset Junction (Santa Monica/Sanborn/Sunset intersection) and walk over the overpass to the mall on the East side of Sunset; from the 26, get off at Fountain/Virgil and walk east on Fountain until you cross Sunset; from the 175, get off at either Sunset or Hoover
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