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the spinach orgy at Zen Zoo Hollywood

I've discovered Zen Zoo in the Sunset+Vine mall as the perfect pre-/post-Arclight/Amoeba Music snack spot. I took beardboi for dinner post-Amoeba. Their spinach dumplings are DIVINE. They approach the perfection of the pea greens dumplings at Yank Sing in San Francisco, but of course being made with spinach they can't quite achieve the delicacy of pea greens. They also have a phenomenal spinach and shitake mushroom salad. This is highly recommended, especially over the tofu salad, which while the greens mix is generous and fresh, is largely standard and uninspired. The one I had last night was a touch overdressed for my taste, but I find that to be the case pretty often. The problem was the tofu:salad ratio was woefully low. A good tofu salad should have generous quantity of tofu to complement the texture of the salad and absorb dressing; salad with four meagre squares of tofu is a salad with a tofu garnish, not a tofu salad. I tried one of the herbal tonics last time--they're being very true to the asian tonic style in that it's a strong medicinal shot, not some green tea frappe with herbs that you'd find at some local natural grocers. I also tried a half size "barley tea espresso" latte. For those of you who are new to this concept, it's similar to Postum, where someone has decided that burnt cereal grains steeped in hot water can serve as a coffee substitute. Their latte was pretty good considering it tasted nothing like coffee. It was more like a very rich warm oat milk with a nuttier flavor; not unpleasant, but highly disappointing if you're looking for something that tastes remotely like coffee.
Sunset at Vine: from east or west via the #2/302 busses, from the north or south via the Vine St. bus 210.
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