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Canter's deli and bakery - a vegetarian culinary exploration of Los Angeles — LiveJournal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Canter's deli and bakery [Nov. 10th, 2004|07:12 pm]
[mood |satiated]
[music |none, but overhearing the waiters dish on each other was fab]

I was in the Fairfax 'hood to catch the latest Jon Moritsugu flick and I went to Canter's for dinner. Where else can you get bagel chips on the side with your soup? The only vegetarian soup was the vegetable, sadly (I wanted to try the Kasha and the split pea), but let me just say--onion bagel chip made from day old bagel + Canter's vegetable soup = sublime. I ate myself into a light-headed stupor. I didn't have any salad though their selection looks good, and I suspect that orange almond one has little canned mandarins (mmmmmm!) I can't resist a potato pancake, but I opted for a small order since I was having soup. It was a little on the dense side that night, and I like mine with a little more chewiness and lightness. But nonetheless, it was the real deal, and a shiksa like me has to stick with what she can get, since my grandmother isn't going to make them for Chanukah. I topped it off with a cherry phosphate--a soda with red food coloring I haven't seen since red Brainwash. And it was the perfect cough syrup flavor with just a slight acrid finish--pretty astounding.
On my way out I walked off with some poppy and prune hammentashen. Where else are you going to fulfill your hammentashen fix at 3am but Canter's? They even deliver, but sadly not east of Highland!

Canter's deli
419 N. Fairfax Ave (almost at Beverly)
(and also strangely, in Las Vegas...)

The 217 and the 14 busses will get you reasonably close.