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vegetarian pho @ pho cafe

I was raised in a household where every Asian cuisine was vastly inferior to southern Chinese cooking so we didn't even think of eating anything but the latter. So it is somewhat sad that I never did try much sushi before becoming vegetarian, and I'd certainly never had any pho. Pho is a big deal in LA, and everyone has their favorite hole in the wall for pho. The newest hipster secret in Silverlake is Pho Cafe, tucked discretely in a minimall on Sunset just south of the intersection with Silverlake Blvd. If you blinked, you missed it. There's no sign, just the street number above the door. The interior has that mid-century modern minimalist styling typical of Silverlake or parts of Beverly Blvd, but not most Vietnamese restaurants. Their menu has the typical appetizers, an comprehensive list of pho and some other noodle dishes, but most importantly, they have an all-vegetarian pho. I did takeout (they also do delivery) and came home with one container of soup, with three kinds of mushrooms and slices of fried tofu; a container with rice noodles, cilantro and scallions; and a baggie with sliced jalapenos, mung bean sprouts and lime wedges. A full IKEA ready to assemble pho. After dispensing with the cilantro, I tossed most everything in except the jalapenos and set to work. While the noodles probably would've been better at their peak of freshness, and I could've gone for extra tofu, it was quite satisfying. Definitely worth a return trip for a bowl in-house. Open til midnight, so if those guava-cheese pastries from Cafe Tropical are gone, and you're between sets at the Silverlake Lounge, it's just a leap across the intersection.

Pho Cafe
2841 W Sunset Blvd
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