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Vegeking brand "vegetable tofu"

I shop Ai Hoa when I'm in Chinatown because they carry decent lychees in summer, they have Vegetarian bow and a wide assortment of fake meats in the frozen section. Mostly Vegeking brand products. Recently I found the frozen "vegetable tofu", which were frozen triangles of tofu with little vegetable bits embedded in it.
I cooked it up last night and it was surprisingly good. It is vegetarian, but NOT vegan (shockingly it contains some whey), but it also lacks any alliacious vegetables (i.e. onions, garlic etc.) so it's Hare Krishna-/ Hindu Krishna-safe. My response was to stir fry it up with a whole onion.
Needless to say, it's surprisingly tasty, leading me to suspect that it has MSG or some similar compounds referred to only as "Natural Vegetable Flavor". It also has no claims for the organicity of its contents so it's probably 99.99% ADM product for those of you who watch your corporate farming conglomerate/GMO calories. It has little bits of carrot, and what appear to be peas, but seem to have this pleasant water-chesnut-like crunchy quality. Needless to say, the tofu has very good textural qualities, and I'd buy it again provided I can find it (Ai Hoa's selection tends to be on the inconsistent side.) It would probably be really good deep-fried too.

Ai Hoa 860 N. Hill St. in Chinatown. The entrance from the Broadway side is across a parking lot; the entrance on Hill St. is just a deceptively small doorway.
The 2 and 4 lines down Sunset get you reasonably close. The Chinatown DASH will get you closer. You'll have a bit farther to walk from the Chinatown gold line.
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